SmartGoals: Be Better. Train Smarter.

Improve your speed, agility, technique, overview and communication with SmartGoals!

Forget training with static cones, dynamic training has arrived! SmartGoals is a new hightech football training system that increases the challenging and the fun aspect of every football training. Its ease of use, its sharp price and the endless variety of fun and challenging exercises that can be created with the SmartGoals make it a fantastic tool for every club around the world.

“It excites players, it challenges players and you can use it in so many ways at every level”

- René Meulensteen First Team Coach at Fulham FC

React to scoring opportunities

SmartGoals are small gates that use wireless technology to communicate with each other. Lights indicate which SmartGoals players have to run, dribble, pass or score through. Players can only score in the SmartGoals with illuminated lights. After scoring the lights of that particular SmartGoal go out and the lights on a new, random SmartGoal will illuminate. Players have to react to the different SmartGoals that light up – forcing them to keep a good overview and react quickly to the new scoring opportunities.

Challenging and fun for players at every level and all ages

Manchester United’s First Team Coach René Meulensteen says it all:
“It is a fun tool, first and foremost. It excites players, it challenges players and you can use it at every level, young and old. For young players it is exciting to score through a gate and see the lights go out. Every time they score a goal through a SmartGoal this is a form of achievement and success and success is what you want for kids because that gives them confidence and more pleasure in the game. For seniors it is equally challenging. It demands physical work, they have to react to the different gates that flash up and it requires a lot of concentration and accuracy to pass it right through the gates.”

The perfect tool for coaches and trainers

SmartGoals helps you as a coach to create fast dynamic football with your team. Designed from the ‘football thinking mind’ of the trainer the SmartGoals naturally blend in your training. Use SmartGoals to devise your own complete training sessions with warming-up exercises, moves & skills training, passing & receiving, positional games, fitness training, finishing exercises and small team matches. Everyone can work with the SmartGoals, no computers, laptops or tablets are required. With the SmartRemote controlling the SmartGoals is as easy as zapping through the channels of your TV. We took care of the technology so that you can focus on your players and their development. Order now and start your dynamic training.